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Top brands choose Origami Logic for Marketing Signal Measurement

Global brands work with Origami Logic

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Where some marketers see campaigns,
channels, devices and audience interactions,
leaders see marketing signals — everywhere.

Global brands are using Origami Logic
to convert massive streams of marketing signals into
actionable marketing insights.

Empowering marketers to
measure, analyze and optimize their campaigns.

Every Day.

Origami serves these leading global brands.


“Marketing has become too complex to measure manually. Unfortunately, that's how many organizations are operating today. What marketers need is a solution that standardizes and automates their performance measurement – so they can focus on driving brand value.

David Spievack

VP, Research & Marketing Analytics, Visa 


“Time to insight is critical for the success of our marketing efforts. With Origami we are able to integrate a real-time view of performance, across our marketing platforms, into our digital command center.”

Director of Marketing, Intel


"Origami takes our ever-expanding mountain of marketing data and turns it into information and knowledge that's easily understood and valuable. It helps us benchmark our digital performance against our competition and experiment faster, which ultimately drives improved results."

Jeremie Moritz
Social Media Manager, Pernod Ricard


“Origami helps me understand and communicate the results and value we create across our digital marketing platforms. By better visualizing the wealth of data we have, we can better explain the impact our digital marketing has on the business and where it was most successful.”

Sean Ryan

Director of Digital Marketing, JCPenney


“Origami Logic enables us to aggregate marketing signals from 500+ disparate digital accounts into a single view. It gives us a way to know what's happening every day, so that we can continually optimize for the future.

Kevin Scott

Director, Strategic Planning and Analytics, Digital Strategy and Enablement (DSE) group, Cisco


“We are trying to understand the complex new universe of audience interactions across all of our channels and campaigns. Our ability to continually drive business growth depends on it. Origami gives us one source of truth – it is a foundation we need to understand all of the signals across our various channels.”

Tom Santora

Chief Marketing Officer, Omni Hotels & Resorts

Getting from marketing results to actionable insights should be easy.
With Origami it is.