The Rapid Emergence of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing Analytics

Everywhere you look, there seems to be an article these days about the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing. MediaPost now does regular columns on the topic, and Gartner and AdAge have developed glossaries of artificial intelligence terms for marketers. So why all the fuss now since artificial intelligence and the notion of neural networks [...]

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Mother’s Day Ads Beat Out Father’s Day, But Not By Much

There is a commonly-held perception that Mother’s Day gets more attention than Father’s Day. We thought it would be fun to put that perception to a test so we measured the user engagement of Mother’s Day- and Father’s Day-related messages posted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by over 300 brands. Here are some highlights from the [...]

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Top 5 Advertising Trends from Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends Report

Each year, the Internet industry goes abuzz when Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins presents her annual Internet Trends report. As she always does, Meeker packs a lot of details in the 355 slides(!). Particularly noteworthy (at least to us here at Origami Logic) is that one of her initial sections, Online Advertising (+ Commerce). Since we [...]

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Mobile App and Origami Stories Now Available on Apple App Store

In early May, we announced the Spring 2017 release of our marketing performance measurement platform. Among its new features is a new mobile app that delivers Origami Stories, notifications that leverage artificial intelligence to automate the generation and delivery of key performance indicators and insights directly to marketers, in real time. Today, we are excited to [...]

Agile Marketing to the Constantly Connected Customer

In May we kicked off our State of Digital Marketing Measurement Q&A series; where Steven Wastie, CMO of Origami Logic, began asking Tina Moffett of Forrester all of our burning questions about digital, agile marketing and data-driven approaches best for the most contemporary brand marketers today. If you missed the first post about post-digital and the [...]

80% of brand marketers are out of touch with their campaign data, are you?

How important is it to gain the benefits of aggregating and analyzing your campaign data from various channels? How would you rate your organization’s ability in this area? These are the type of questions we asked digital marketers in a survey we recently conducted with Brand Innovators. Last week we released the results of the survey, [...]

Personalized marketing insights on your phone

In case you missed our monthly newsletter, here is a roundup of what's new! Announcing Origami Stories: Personalized marketing insights on your phone Now you can access insights about your cross-channel campaigns while you're on the go. Origami Stories leverages AI to deliver key performance indicators and insights directly to marketers, in real time. Users can dive deeper within [...]

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Post-Digital According to Forrester’s Tina Moffett

We are kicking off our State of Marketing Performance Measurement Q&A series. Steven Wastie, CMO of Origami Logic, recently spent some time with Tina Moffett of Forrester. He asked her all of our burning questions about digital marketing and the agile, data-driven approaches being used by the most contemporary brand marketers today. This is Part 1: What [...]

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Want transparent access to marketing performance data? Own the problem.

It’s been eight months since Facebook “Inflate-Gate” (as a refresher, see admission from Facebook), where they miscalculated the average view time on video ads during a two-year period, but the saga continues. Earlier this week, Facebook admitted to their fifth metrics error and this time, they are refunding some advertisers. Advertisers are getting frustrated and are [...]

Welcome to the Post-Dashboard Era with Instant Marketing Data

Marketing dashboards. They are an important application that organizations use to monitor the performance of their marketing efforts and we have built many of them with our customers on our marketing performance measurement platform. Yet, our customers have made it clear that while dashboards are great for certain types of users and use cases, many marketers [...]

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