Making the Case for Media Efficiency

We recently got the chance to sit down with Alon Amit, VP of product and a co-founder of Origami Logic, to talk about media efficiency and the challenges of getting the most out of ad spend on a campaign. Alon headed up product management at Google for the machine learning system that powers Google's search ads [...]

The Secret To Paid Media ROI: In-Flight Campaign Optimization

In our previous blog post, Three Challenges For Increasing Paid Media ROI, we dug into how media transparency, tying paid media marketing activity to business goals, and the lack of in-flight campaign optimization all limit the ability to increase return on ad spend (ROAS). Among these challenges, the need for marketing teams to shift to optimizing [...]

Three Challenges For Increasing Paid Media ROI (ROAS)

When it comes to paid media, tracking and improving return on ad spend (ROAS) is #GOALS. Over 50% of marketing professionals agree that metrics such as conversion rates and ROAS are the most effective when evaluating campaign success. Improving ROAS for your paid media is extremely important, but as always, easier said than done. In-Flight Campaign [...]

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Storytelling With Your Campaign Analysis Data

We recently got the chance to sit down with April Brown, VP of Consulting & Marketing Analytics at Origami Logic, to address some of the common questions she gets as she works with companies on their marketing measurement initiatives. April has over twenty years' experience as a marketer, a consultant, and a leader. Working at the [...]

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Is Amazon Better for CPG Paid Search Than Google?

Google has long dominated the paid search market, capturing 78% of $36.7B US search ad revenues in 2016. However, according to the same report, Amazon and Yelp are expected to see the strongest growth rates, as more and more users start their searches for products and places in those popular services. This trend -- with respect [...]

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Forrester Report Addresses the Biggest Obstacle to Data-Driven Marketing

Link Insights To Action With A Measurement-Driven Organization Marketing performance measurement helps brands precisely quantify the incremental impact of marketing, identify customer buying trends, and inform future marketing strategy. Now, many firms are eager to develop a more advanced measurement-driven approach to optimize marketing budgets and deliver better cross-channel marketing messages, strategies, and measurement. But there's [...]

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Looking For a Marketing Performance Measurement Solution?

Find the right marketing performance measurement solution for you Thanks to digital, the rapidly evolving marketing landscape has forever changed the way marketers think about engaging audiences. Every day, there are new ways to connect. And every day, marketing activities are returning a wealth of valuable data—signals that can be used to inform decisions about marketing, [...]

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$15.2 Million Round of Funding to Deliver “Time-to-Insight” and Media Transparency to Marketers

I am pleased to announce that we just closed a $15.2 million round of funding. The round was co-led by new investors Viola Ventures and Saban Ventures, with participation from our existing investors as well. It has been over two years since our last funding round. There have been some significant developments in the market for [...]

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Visa on Executing a Winter Olympics Sponsorship Campaign Pt. 2, “The Shift to Digital Channels”

This is the second part of an interview we recently conducted with Jessica Williams of Visa Global Innovation Marketing. Visa is once again a sponsor of the Winter Olympic Games so we talked with Jessica about the approach they are taking for their upcoming Olympics campaign. The first part of the interview can be found here. [...]

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Visa on Executing a Winter Olympics Sponsorship Campaign Pt. 1, “It’s All About the Athletes”

A couple years ago, we had the good fortune to interview Jessica Williams of Visa’s Global Client and Digital Products Marketing team about Visa’s marketing campaign for the Summer Olympic Games in Rio. With the 2018 Winter Olympics approaching, Jessica was kind enough to spend some time with us recently to discuss the approach Visa is [...]

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