Realizing the True Potential of In-Housing

With brands increasingly seeking more control and transparency into their digital media spend, many marketers are taking matters into their own hands. And while the challenges are many, with the right people, processes and platform in place, brands can tap into the true potential of programmatic in-housing. But don’t just take our word for it. Take [...]

True Marketing Intelligence Doesn’t Require a Ticket with IT

To all you Information Technology (IT) specialists, we see you. You’re tasked with the governance of your company’s network and operating systems, enabling employees to communicate, collaborate and automate routine tasks, all of which increases overall business efficiencies and helps drive success. In other words, you do much more than reboot laptops – you help people [...]

Infographic: Work Smarter, Not Harder | Harness the Power of Programmatic

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3 Ways In-House Programmatic Teams Can Work Smarter

With brands increasingly seeking more control and transparency into their digital media spend, many marketers have decided to take matters into their own hands. And while two years ago programmatic in-housing was more talk than reality—a 2017 study showed just 1.4% of respondents actually followed through with it – our new research reveals that that’s rapidly [...]

Thanks, I’d Rather Sit: The Case for a Daily Marketing Stand-up

As the voice of an organization, our jobs as marketers are never done. If we don’t keep talking to our customers where, how and when they want as they move across screens and channels, our competitors will pick up the conversation right where we left off. But far too often, we find ourselves so caught up [...]

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No More Optimization For Optimization’s Sake

This post previously appeared in AdExchanger on March 26th, 2019. Programmatic technology has democratized access to data-driven advertising. The average marketer has access to unprecedented levels of raw information that probes consumers’ needs, wants and desires. Obtaining and operationalizing data is no longer the challenge. The question before us now is how to best optimize our [...]

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AI Empowers Better Marketing – But It Can’t Replace the Expert Marketer

The entire plot of HBO’s Westworld. The crux of Will Smith’s 2004 box office hit I, Robot. The half-digital love story HER (that resonated with you way more than you’d like to admit). All three of these fictional tales found themselves centered around one core theme: the complex dynamic of the human condition as it relates [...]

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Making the Case for Media Efficiency

We recently got the chance to sit down with Alon Amit, VP of product and a co-founder of Origami Logic, to talk about media efficiency and the challenges of getting the most out of ad spend on a campaign. Alon headed up product management at Google for the machine learning system that powers Google's search ads [...]

The Secret To Paid Media ROI: In-Flight Campaign Optimization

In our previous blog post, Three Challenges For Increasing Paid Media ROI, we dug into how media transparency, tying paid media marketing activity to business goals, and the lack of in-flight campaign optimization all limit the ability to increase return on ad spend (ROAS). Among these challenges, the need for marketing teams to shift to optimizing [...]

Three Challenges For Increasing Paid Media ROI (ROAS)

When it comes to paid media, tracking and improving return on ad spend (ROAS) is #GOALS. Over 50% of marketing professionals agree that metrics such as conversion rates and ROAS are the most effective when evaluating campaign success. Improving ROAS for your paid media is extremely important, but as always, easier said than done. In-Flight Campaign [...]

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