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The following post is the foreword to The Insider’s Guide to Mobile Advertising.

“In 2015, the smartphone emerged as the primary touchpoint for the entire U.S. digital audience, representing 65% of all time spent on digital media. And, already by Q1 of 2017, smartphone ownership is at 81% of Americans 12 and older, according Edison Research and Triton Digital’s “The Infinite Dial 2017” study. The world has gone mobile, and this is only the beginning of nearly every member of society being connected to each other and companies.

Such ubiquitous use of technology and media means that there are countless channels and networks to reach a brand’s current and prospective customers. The fact that so many of these touch points are digital also means that marketers will be held to a greater standard in being accountable for traffic, both physical and online, and sale performance.

As we see more devices and variant consumer behavior shaped by mobility, the time is now to experiment with different channels and to establish a foundation for measuring what works and what does not work. Having the right tools in place alongside a seamless customer experience will mean sure success for the marketers who have invested and been frequently diligent in gauging media performance and customer behavior.

Now is the time to quickly seize the mobile opportunity and drive your brand forward.

Go mobile, and stay mobile.”

Tim Hayden,
President & Co-Managing Partner, Brain+Trust Partners

Mobile devices are changing the customer journey faster than ever with always-on access and just-in-time information. Do you have the data insights to know you’re reaching your customers at the right time and place? How can you keep up with their rapidly changing behaviors and mobile usage patterns?

From execution strategy to measuring results — become a mobile ad pro. Download your copy of the Insider’s Guide to Mobile Advertising” and learn how to:

  • Create mobile campaigns that reach customers effectively and get them engaged with your brand
  • Maximize unique mobile-only opportunities to enhance your cross-channel
  • Implement a strategic measurement system that enables valuable real-time insights from your mobile initiatives

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About Tim Hayden, President & Co-Managing Partner, Brain+Trust Partners
image3_Tim hayden_mobile advertising blogTim has two decades of experience in leading high growth technology firms and marketing agencies. Before Brain+Trust Partners, he was head of marketing at  Zignal Labs, a realtime media intelligence platform, and produced marketing technology and process improvement programs for clients of TTH Strategy. He is also former head of the Mobile program at Edelman Digital in North America, and has been a founder of agencies and technology ventures serving as a catalyst for transformational change in some of the world’s leading brands (Dell, Bacardi, AMD, ExxonMobil, Hilton Worldwide, Kraft Foods, Edison WalMart, GE Digital and others). Tim serves on the advisory boards of Zignal Labs, People Pattern, Rivet Works, Wonder Technologies and Captix, and is co-author of The Mobile Commerce Revolution (QUE Biz Tech, 2014).