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Early next week, digital marketing analytics professionals will be gathering in San Francisco for The eMetrics Summit. The eMetrics Summit brings together marketing analytics practitioners, experts and visionaries to discuss capturing and applying insights from daily marketing data.

On Monday, April 4, Origami Logic CEO and Co-founder Opher Kahane and Jessica Williams, Global Innovation Marketing & Analytics at Visa, will be making a joint presentation on how Visa used Origami Logic to track the daily marketing performance of their largest-ever digital campaign…

  • When preparing for the launch of Visa Checkout, its online payments product, Visa knew they would need to pioneer a new and better approach to measurement and reporting in order to meet the decision-making needs of its hundreds of retail partners, agencies and in-house marketers.
  • Learn how Visa partnered with Origami Logic to automate how they measured millions of daily marketing signals — from every ad, creative, post, keyword, video, email, website visit, and more — to make continuous in-flight campaign optimizations. Hear about Visa’s journey from post-mortem reports to real-time insights, and see how marketing signal measurement can help you make better data-driven decisions, every day.

For more details on The eMetrics Summit event, please check out their website.