Facebook Video

Facebook video is currently growing at the fastest pace of any other video ad serving platform. At nearly 4 billion daily views on videos posted throughout the social network, publishers are looking for ways to measure how their videos are doing with audiences. Cue Facebook’s Video Insights, which give page admins an overall view of video performance metrics. The latest insights feature lets marketers compare aggregate views and views of at least 30 seconds. The insights will also provide users with a comparison between organic vs paid, auto-played vs. clicked-to-play and unique vs. repeat views.

Image Source: Marketing Land

When it comes to granularity, Facebook’s video insights will give admins the ability to view performance in specific time periods and even benchmark that against the average video performance for the page. With these new metrics now available to marketers, the accuracy and effectiveness of marketing insights is greatly improved. Marketers with enterprise-wide marketing measurement systems can now pull these additional video metrics into their larger data ecosystems. The data from the new features will be available through Page Insights, data export and the insights API in the next couple of weeks. Product teams and IT should keep an eye out for the API as it is released.

With these new video metrics integrated into the Facebook platform, marketers will be able to analyze their marketing performance at new levels. It’s no secret that video content is on the rise as one of the most digested and shared mediums of content for marketers. These insights from Facebook will help marketers create more relevant and impactful videos based on valuable data.

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