Our co-founder and VP of product, Alon Amit, got the chance to present at this year’s Direct Marketing News‘ (DMN) Marketing & Tech Innovation Summit (MTIS). After the presentation, Alon met up with Ginger Conlon, DMN Editor-in-chief, to discuss how marketers can better access and utilize data.

Some paraphrased Q&A from the above interview:

Ginger: You mentioned that the gap is widening between data & insight — can you talk about why that is a concern for marketers?

Alon: A common misconception is that that more data you collect, the more insights you will have — but it is quite the opposite. It is actually much harder to form insights with more data. This is important for marketers who care about understanding why something is happening  and what actions need to be taken.

Ginger: You said that Origami Logic can provide daily insights, if needed.  I think for some marketers, they need to shift their thinking to realize they need daily marketing insights… What’s a piece of advice that you have to show them that’s it’s worth getting data more quickly?

Alon: Step 1 is realizing that you deserve the data — you can get it and you should. For many people, waiting for agency reports is the way the world is and they don’t know any better. And step 2 is deciding to do better, and seeing the value in having insights flow more quickly [instead of quarterly or monthly]. You may not be able to drive daily decisions, but it’s much better to have fresh data than relying on old numbers. 

Ginger: Do you have an example of a company that is becoming an expert in harvesting daily markeitng insights?

Alon: Omni Hotels – they are a wonderful. They watch their data like hawks and are taking action based on daily marketing insights. A couple other companies to mention are Intel and Procter and Gamble.

Ginger: What are some of the steps they took to get to where they are?

Alon: It’s a cultural decision as a key first step — to decide that daily insights are valuable to the team. Then it’s about technology and process optimization rather than getting bogged down in excel spreadsheets.  

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