Marketers have doubled-down on paid digital video (DV) ads in the last two years, and with growth comes obstacles in navigating this new frontier. According to the latest IAB Video Study, marketers say the major hurdles to spending on DV ads are measurement (and proving ROI), ease of execution, and content quality.  Even big-time publishers like Facebook aren’t exempt from major metric miscalculations in the midst of rapid growth. Bottom line is: paid video ads bring new opportunities for storytelling and audience engagement, but marketers need a deeper understanding to navigate these complex issues.

Optimizing Powerful Digital Video Advertising Campaigns is Hard

Our new Insider’s Guide to Video Advertising dives into solutions to three major challenges of digital video (DV) advertising: 

  • Measurement: Understanding the essential metrics available to build KPIs and benchmarks.
  • Creative Execution: The different types of digital video creatives available and the caveats of each.
  • Content Quality and Viewability Issues: How to find the right inventory and monitor viewability across different sources.

Start With A Strong Foundation for Measurement

As a marketer, pouring over key KPIs and measuring campaign performance is par for the course in a campaign’s lifecycle. The problem is that there are many metrics for measuring awareness, engagement, and conversions, and choosing the right ones is important for proving the effectiveness of your campaign.

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DV publisher metrics don’t always match up with industry definitions, causing issues when marketers try to harmonize data from different publishers. For example, let’s compare how the following publishers define an

image3_publisher-definition-differences_video advertising blog

Determine the Right Metrics to Measure Your Campaign: Dive deeper in the Video Metrics Index.

Get the Insider’s Guide & Bonus Metrics Index

Check out the Insider’s Guide to learn the proven ways to tackle these challenges and how to build a strong foundation for measurement, so that your team can continually improve video campaigns based on data-driven decisions.

BONUS WITH YOUR GUIDE: You will get a complementary Video Metrics Index to help you: 1) navigate through the various industry and publisher metric definitions, and, 2) pinpoint key video ad benchmarks and determine which ones you should leverage for campaign success.

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