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In this post, you’ll learn the benefits of tracking Marketing KPIs and influencer marketing with Origami Stories and discover who Stories are really meant for.

In case you missed it, we announced the Origami Stories mobile app in June 2017 and expanded Stories capabilities in September. Stories deliver proactive notifications of Marketing KPIs and progress against key benchmarks. Since Stories have launched, we’ve found that the ability to surface insights on-the-go has become essential to busy execs, brand managers, and even agencies, who need a quick top-down view of how campaigns are performing.

Marketing KPIs Without the Digging

Marketing managers need to know what’s going on in their world all at once, from staying on budget, meeting milestones throughout a campaign, to making sure individual team members are driving results. Executives even moreso as they’re likely going from meeting to meeting, traveling to client sites, etc. and often don’t have time to decipher a spreadsheet or dashboard PDF that their Marketing Analyst sent to them on the fly. This is where Stories come in.

During the lifecycle of a campaign, a campaign manager is working on a very strict deadline with set goals and key Marketing KPIs or milestones to track and hit along the way. For example, a campaign might run for four months, and by the first month, the milestone might be to hit 30% of the total target for engagement or spend. Analysts and channel experts (think social, paid media, creative, etc.) live in the details, but managers and executives have no time to get into the weeds of one particular activity mid-campaign, so Stories deliver proactive updates and alerts right on their mobile device.

The two biggest perks of Origami Stories are flexibility and timeliness. You can set daily, weekly, or monthly updates on how things are performing overall and trigger alerts when key Marketing KPIs are met or missed against specific milestones. Instead of digging into spreadsheets to try to figure out what’s working and what’s not, or missing something because there’s no time to check mid-flight, the Origami Stories app tells you what you need to know when you need to know it, without having to look for the answers. Talk about a time-saver.

Agencies and Client Specific Stories

For agencies, Stories can be even more powerful. Since customizations can be made based on the user, all of the important Marketing KPIs an agency cares about can be set up for them and additional Stories can be configured for their clients. This is a game-changer when traditionally agencies send post hoc campaign data to clients.

One of our customers has used Stories to significantly improve their relationship with one of their clients, a top American fast food chain. Paid content is the only thing that they are on the hook for, so that’s all they want to see in their Stories. Conversely, the fast food brand wants to see how all of their organic and paid posts are performing all in one place, so they have their own Stories set up.

Measure and Compare Influencer Marketing

To add another layer, the brand has kicked off a huge influencer initiative. Previously, there was no way to know how well a campaign was performing on a particular influencer’s post unless they manually checked. Now with Stories, the agency and brand can track the success of a particular influencer’s post against preset goals or even against other influencer posts. Being able to see what’s getting traction across which platform helps structure influencer strategy in real-time. Both the agency and the brand now have visibility into how money is spent and if this influencer is working for them or not.

Get The Marketing Insights You Care About Sent to You Automatically

With Origami Stories executives, brand managers, and agencies can track the Marketing KPIs they care about without having to go digging for it. There’s no more time wasted trying to analyze everything mid-flight when all you really care to see are the anomalies and activities that are especially successful (or the opposite) so you can course correct and optimize before the campaign is over.

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