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Much has been written about the new Rule 40 that enables non-sponsors to market during the Olympics, unlike before. Now that the Olympics are underway, we took a look at the different approaches some non-sponsor brands are taking to engage with social audiences during the Games. Here are three different examples…

Under Armour – The “Superstar” Approach

Although Under Armour is not an official Olympics sponsor, they have been investing heavily in their Olympics campaign for a while, using their #RuleYourself theme. This hasn’t changed during the Games as they continue to push out relevant posts and videos on social media. Their approach focuses on featuring a small number of superstars in their content; in particular, Michael Phelps, the US Gymnastics Team, and Andy Murray.

Speedo – The “It Takes A Village” Approach

Swimming is a high-profile Olympics sport that started from day one, and Speedo has taken full advantage of the schedule to get an early start with their Olympics #WinningElements campaign. Unlike Under Armour who is focusing their efforts on a small number of superstars, Speedo is leveraging a larger number of sponsored Olympic athletes in their messages, sometimes including many of them in a single post.

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GoPro – The “Business As Usual” Approach

GoPro is taking a somewhat different approach than Under Armour and Speedo during the Games in that they do not have a specific Olympics campaign or strategy. GoPro has a history of actively working with athletes in various sports to market its products and with the new Rule 40, they can keep on mentioning the Olympians they are already working with, taking advantage of the opportunity to garner additional engagement while their athletes are in the spotlight.


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Want to see what other unofficial sponsors, and actual sponsors, are doing for the Rio Olympics? Check out the Brand Olympics website, where all big brand activity is being tracked throughout the Olympic Games!

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