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Today is a big day for Origami Logic. We are launching our solution, the Origami Logic Marketing Intelligence Platform. While the timeframe for our launch isn’t that far off from what we originally planned, there aren’t too many companies out there who have had two TechCrunch articles written about them that have “Still In Stealth” in the title! (see here and here)

So what we are doing and what problem are we solving?

Let me start with the problem we are solving. Followers of our blog have probably noticed that we have written a lot about all of the data silos in marketing, a result of the variety of digital marketing services available to today’s marketer. Data silos by themselves are not a problem. They are a major hindrance, however, for making timely decisions that require data from various sources, which is becoming increasingly important as campaigns span different channels.

Currently, it is not easy for marketers to make decisions that require data from different channels. Most organizations use Excel to bring data together but that process is resource intensive and error prone. As a result, the measurement of activities happens well after they are executed. This is less than ideal in today’s dynamic marketing environment.

We founded our company because we felt there needed to be an easier way for marketers to quickly understand what is working and what isn’t so they can become more agile in their decision making. We have always thought that it is important for marketers to be able to make adjustments during a campaign, rather than discovering insights after a campaign is over.

Introducing the Origami Logic Marketing Intelligence Platform…

The Origami Logic Marketing Intelligence Platform is the first search-powered solution that enables marketers to easily access, measure and analyze the performance of their activities across different channels, without the need for any assistance from IT. The cornerstone of the Origami Logic Marketing Platform is the Marketing Graph, which connects the relationships between marketing campaigns, activities, and performance metrics across different systems, making all data easily accessible from an intuitive search interface.

With the Origami Logic Marketing Intelligence Platform and its Marketing Graph, marketers can easily find activities and their performance metrics by typing in searches based on different criteria – messages, product, region, etc. – using terminology that is familiar to them. Results are then quickly returned, no matter where the activities were executed. Once they find the activities and metrics they care about, marketers can organize them in a way that reflects how they run their business, and then view and analyze them in a beautiful user interface.

With the Origami Logic Marketing Intelligence Platform, marketers have easy access to the performance data they care about. Now, the measurement of activities can be integrated with the execution of campaigns and marketers can be more agile in the decision making.

So that is what we have been working on. This is my third startup and it is always exciting to launch a product. While we are still at the early stages of our journey, it is always worthwhile to take a moment and appreciate what has been accomplished until now. I want to thank: the global brands who have been working with us as we have developed our product; our investors and advisors who have provided us steadfast support all along the way; and all of our employees who have worked tirelessly to get us to this point. I couldn’t imagine continuing this journey with any other team.

Oh and one last thing…TechCrunch, you don’t have to use “Still In Stealth” in our headlines anymore 🙂


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