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The Results from Black Friday and Cyber Monday Are In


This year’s top shopping days took sales to a record high. Find out which brands led the way online for applause, engagement, conversions, and amplification, and why high amounts of marketing activity didn’t always equal greater performance. Read the Report

Infographic: 3 Steps to Successful Digital Video Ad Campaigns

Infographic: The formula to successful digital video ads

Creating and running effective digital video campaigns is both an art and a science. Discover the best-practice formula to ensure campaign success. View the Infographic

A Closer Look at the Stories You Don’t Know in Your Data

What is the Marketing Graph™ Anyways?

What does Origami Logic Co-Founder, VP of Product, and PhD Mathematician Alon Amit think about contextualizing marketing data? Check out his perspective in on the evolution of data science and why the key to greater insight lies in the narrative behind the numbers. Read the Article

Tackle the Media Transparency Challenge


Learn how to overcome performance data transparency limitations to better manage your marketing spend and drive effectiveness across channels. Watch the Webinar

How is Marketing Performance Going to Evolve in 2017?


As factors like machine learning, increasing video consumption, and metric calculation hiccups drive shifts in the marketing landscape, marketers will be forced to evolve. Find out four top predictions for how performance and measurement will have to change in 2017. Read the Article