Academy Awards Report

The Oscars or Academy Awards is one of the most anticipated nights of the year for Hollywood. It’s a night of glitz, glamour and celebrities that draw in more than 40 million viewers each year. What does this night mean for brands? Well, it creates the perfect marketing opportunity for brands in all kinds of industries. With millions of viewers engaged on-screen and online, brands have learned to deliver well-timed and relevant messaging to movie lovers everywhere. 

We analyzed over 50 major brands across FMCG, retail, fashion, apparel, entertainment, automotive and more. Our data analysis tracked public activity from these brands across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram from February 1st through February 22nd.

Here are a few insights from our Academy Awards Marketing Engagement Report.

When did people engage most with brands during the Oscars?

Oscars Engagement

Most of the engagement happened on award day, but Dior was able to capture some early marketing opportunities by covering the Oscars Nominee Luncheon. This helped them get a head start on building some buzz.

What channels were brands most actively posting?

Oscars Posting

Not surprisingly, a large majority of posts were on Twitter. Instagram had the second highest share of the activity, most likely due to the visual nature of the Oscars. 

What channels were people most engaged on?

Oscars Channel Engagement

Instagram showed strong engagement as usual, driving 85% of total engagement despite only contributing to 19% of total posts.

What was the most engaging post during the Oscars?

Oscars Most Engagement

The most engaging post during the Oscars was Burberry’s Instagram post on Suki Waterhouse’s dress. For high end fashion brands, the Oscars are synonymous with product placement. This one post garnered almost 50k likes on Instagram. 

For more marketing insights from the 87th Academy Awards, download the full Academy Awards Marketing Engagement Report.

Academy Awards Marketing Engagement Report