Super Bowl Marketing

As marketers, we’ve seen plenty of Super Bowl commercial round-ups and campaign break downs this past week but nothing gave us the campaign insights we wanted. This is why we decided to create our Super Bowl Marketing Engagement Report and give marketers a full break down of where, how and why brands found success in their campaigns. Our report features data from 110 major brands across FMCG, retail, finance, automotive, hospitality, entertainment and more. The Origami Logic team analyzed this data across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube to measure their overall performance in activity, applause, conversation and amplification. 

Not only did we measure and analyze these brands on the campaign level, we also broke down the most successful brands by their message level data to determine which posts, videos or content took them to the top.

Here are some helpful marketing insights we’ve gathered from our report.

Facebook and Twitter together comprised 80% of all social marketing messages related to the Super Bowl

By analyzing the raw number of posts, tweets, videos and photos posted by over 100 brands, we were able to illustrate which channels generated the most activity and were the preferred Super Bowl marketing channels for brands. As you can see, Facebook and Twitter were the most active channels marketers used to share and distribute their content. 

 SBMER Activity by Channel

Anheuser-Busch brands (Bud Light, Budweiser) received the highest overall applause

It’s no secret that people love puppies. That’s the major factor behind Budweiser’s highly successful “Lost Dog” commercial. The 20 brands with the most applause were measured based on the number of Facebook likes, Twitter favorites, Instagram likes and Google+ +1s.

Budweiser clearly dominated in this category thanks to that adorable puppy. Another notable success was from Under Armour, a non-advertiser, who racked up some high numbers for a brand that did not officially advertise through the NFL or the Super Bowl.

Official Super Bowl advertisers are shown in the red while non-advertisers are shown in orange.

Highest Applause by Brand 

Under Armour and Mercedes Benz Were Among the Most Talked About Brands on Instagram

We measured the brands with the highest level of conversation across YouTube and Instagram. Although YouTube was the unofficial channel of choice for marketers sharing their commercials, Instagram was a successful channel for brands like Under Armour and Mercedes-Benz. These brands were measured based on the number of comments and replies their posts accrued across these two channels.

Youtube Instagram Conversation

The Mercedes-Benz Coffee Photo Was One of The Most Applauded Messages Across All Channels Despite Being Non Sports Related

Mercedes found major success on Instagram with a timely yet unrelated photo. It racked in over 100k likes, making it one of the most engaging Super Bowl related messages on Instagram and the third most applauded message on all channels. 

MC Instagram

For more marketing insights into what made brands successful during the Super Bowl download our 26 page Super Bowl Marketing Engagement Report

Our report gives marketers insight into:

  • What channels were the most effective during the Super Bowl
  • Message level data on the most engaging and viral posts, videos, tweets, and photos
  • Which brands were at the top of the list for most activity, applause, conversation and amplification