Forbes Martech vs Human Strength 

Forbes: MarTech Strength vs. the Human Intuition 

In his recent Forbes article,  “The Limits Of Big Data Marketing”, Greg Satell (@Digitaltonto) describes the limits technology can have in marketing. “The future of marketing,” he says, “resides not in the power of our technology, but in the spirit of our human intent.”

While it is true that marketers will always need to come up with creative ways to tap into the “human intent” of consumers, it would not be wise to not embrace what technology has to offer.  The amount of data generated by consumers on a daily basis is overwhelming and it is impossible for humans, by themselves, to process it all.  Technology can be a useful resource to tap into all of this data and deliver insights to marketers that may not be obvious to them.  It is up to technology providers, however, to be sensitive to the needs of marketers and deliver offerings that complement the intuition of humans, not try to replace it.