Link Insights To Action With A Measurement-Driven Organization

Marketing performance measurement helps brands precisely quantify the incremental impact of marketing, identify customer buying trends, and inform future marketing strategy. Now, many firms are eager to develop a more advanced measurement-driven approach to optimize marketing budgets and deliver better cross-channel marketing messages, strategies, and measurement. But there’s one big obstacle….PEOPLE.

A recent report by Forrester entitled, Link Insights To Action With A Measurement-Driven Organization, addresses this issue (free download below). Aligning a team around a new marketing measurement effort is tough. We know. (Origami Logic’s VP of Consulting & Marketing Analytics, with over twenty years’ experience as a marketer, a consultant, and a leader in the marketing analytics space, recently blogged about how data is hard, but people are harder.) Marketers alone cannot effectively track down performance data across all channels and manage stakeholder relationships and third-party vendors alone despite many still being held heavily responsible (see figure below). In fact, Forrester’s research consistently indicates that most firms leverage an outside vendor to support their advanced measurement efforts. Having a single measurement solution for all marketing teams provides a great baseline and single source of truth for campaign results.

In their report, Forrester outlines roadblocks to watch out for and recommendations to help B2C marketers align across an organization to accurately measure cross-channel strategies. Download the report to learn:

Why enterprise-wide support is imperative and the five roles outside of marketing that should be measurement-focused

Roadblocks to advanced measurement and best practices to overcome them

How to create a stakeholder map to determine responsibility across your organization 

Recommendations for holding stakeholders accountable to ensure that all teams understand their roles, pull in the same direction, and focus on delivering more than the sum of their parts

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