Find the right marketing performance measurement solution for you

Thanks to digital, the rapidly evolving marketing landscape has forever changed the way marketers think about engaging audiences. Every day, there are new ways to connect. And every day, marketing activities are returning a wealth of valuable data—signals that can be used to inform decisions about marketing, messages, and business.
As a marketer in the digital era, you’re probably making more data-driven decisions than ever before. But are you getting everything you can from your data? Are you putting all of the valuable signals to work so you can improve the way you engage with your audiences?

Maximizing the use of data is not easy. Unifying data from multiple digital services is a particularly difficult challenge for any organization. But having a single source of truth is worth the effort. With it, you could gain a holistic cross-channel view, identify what’s working and what’s not, uncover actionable insights, and make timely data-driven decisions.

What’s the best way to bring all your data together? Many organizations start by consolidating data from different channels into spreadsheets, but they quickly find this approach is resource-intensive, fraught with errors, and unscalable. Some organizations try to build their own solution, using generic business intelligence tools and data warehouses. These projects not only require significant time and money, but they often don’t yield the results that marketers are looking for.

Fortunately, you can now skip the pain and inadequacies of these two approaches. With new vertically integrated solutions, you can set up a marketing performance measurement system in a short period of time.

But which solution is right for your organization?

Whether you’re looking to measure the performance of all your marketing activities or you want a single source of truth for all your marketing performance data, there are some key questions you will want to ask when finding the right solution. Find out what those questions are in our new Buyer’s Guide, “Evaluating Marketing Performance Measurement Solutions: 7 Questions to Ask.”

In the Buyer’s Guide, you will learn:

  • Key capabilities needed to support your organization’s unique marketing environment
  • Features to look for to address the requirements of different types of users
  • Non-negotiable areas of expertise that you should expect from your vendor partner

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