We recently got the chance to sit down with Alon Amit, VP of product and a co-founder of Origami Logic, to talk about media efficiency and the challenges of getting the most out of ad spend on a campaign. Alon headed up product management at Google for the machine learning system that powers Google’s search ads and was the lead product manager for the entire advertising backend at Facebook, where he oversaw the launch of core products like Feed Ads and Optimized CPM. Needless to say, Alon is an expert in optimizing marketing performance.

What Is Media Efficiency?

Delivering the impression isn’t the same as capturing attention. Studies by the ANA and other organizations have indicated that as much as 40% of media dollars (past the ad tech fees) don’t have the intended impact. A shockingly high percentage of the spend can be wasted on impressions that may not be viewable on the page at all, or viewable in a partially obscured way. The ad could be displayed in a poor or non-brand-safe context. Or an ad could be overexposed by being displayed to an individual relentlessly throughout a campaign, which can make it counterproductive.

Media efficiency is a concept that characterizes how hard your ad spend is working for you. An efficient campaign helps you minimize wasted impressions so that you can maximize the impact on prospects.

Benefits of Media Efficiency

Focusing on media efficiency lets you:

  • Achieve transparency into your media supply chain
  • Manage against viewability and brand safety goals at any level within the media plan
  • Serve ads to the right prospects at the right frequency
  • Improve your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) by recapturing dollars from media spend waste

Why It’s Challenging to Improve Media Efficiency

With all the data generated by programmatic ad campaigns, it can still be challenging to boost media efficiency. Like anything else in the growing arena of marketing technology, the main hurdle is complexity. There are a variety of systems involved, along with a variety of ways in which ad impressions can be served—and ways they can fail to achieve the desired result.

Systems such as DMPs and DSPs work well at setting up and executing programmatic campaigns, but they don’t make it easy to use the data in way that can offer actionable insights to the marketing team. Those insights are essential to optimizing campaigns for media efficiency.

How to Boost Media Efficiency in Your Campaigns

Origami Logic is dedicated to providing the insights you need to create the highest impact campaigns with the most cost-efficient media spend. Our product breaks the complexity barrier to extract and handle massive amounts of continuous data from DMPs, DSPs, and other high-volume systems. We give marketers the actionable insights they need to run high-impact, media-efficient campaigns—even in flight.