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In order to remain relevant in today’s customer-centric world, it’s not a stretch to say that global brands are aware they need localized digital marketing strategies. However, this presents a new challenge: How can global brands and executive teams adequately understand what’s going on at the local level, in a timely enough manner to make effective content and budgeting decisions?

As global marketers, you are likely very familiar with this challenge. Over 60% of marketers feel they are unable to measure and analyze performance across channels as frequently as they would like (according to Origami Logic’s Marketing Signal Measurement Report). Most CMOs and marketing teams would like to see campaign results on (at least) a weekly basis, but face a drastic lag in receiving results from their agency and/or compiling results from various tools. Not only does this lag result in disconnect between local and global teams, but it also impacts the ability to measure and optimize campaigns mid-flight.

From Crunching Numbers to Taking Action

One global Fortune 50 technology company, has tackled this challenge by leveraging Origami Logic’s Marketing Signal Measurement Platform to centralize their efforts. They are now able to track budget and optimize performance for web and social marketing across more than 40 countries. Origami directly connects to more than 450 of their marketing sources across web and social media, as well as ingesting in-house CRM data, which results in daily aggregated reporting of 11,000+ Ads Campaigns and 20+ web properties. This has drastically improved the way they plan budget, as well as collaborate on content across regions.

This has already saved them many hours in report preparation each quarter. However more importantly, brand team leaders say they have a much better picture of what’s happening on the ground right now, which is resulting in better campaign management across countries and marketing channels. Country-level teams have benefited by being able to optimize content and performance on their own channels as well as compare against how other country and regional teams are performing. They have seen an increase in engagement on their content and better cost per engagement numbers for their campaigns and are projecting that they will meet or exceed targeted goals for this quarter.

Changing the question from “what happened last quarter?” to “what can I do today?”

With the help of Origami Logic, this company has revised its quarterly reporting practices and vastly improved the way it manages spend across social and web initiatives. Where they used to rely on the manual collection of country-level data to produce post-campaign and quarterly reports, users at all levels can now access actionable insights on a daily basis. Taking advantage of this capability, their quarterly reports are now goal-based, allowing teams to track against a goal for each KPI such as spend, reach and engagement. Progress on these goals are visible on reporting dashboards created for each of the country, territory and regional teams. This is just one of many success stories of how Origami Logic’s Marketing Signal Measurement Platform has provided a solution to businesses struggling to compile and deliver timely reports to stakeholders at different levels and with varying needs.