For this month’s roundup, we want to focus on the ever-increasing number of analytic offerings that are being offered by digital marketing solution providers.  Just in the past month, at least three new – or updated – analytic offerings were released…

    • Twitter opened up their tweet performance analytics so users can see how their tweets are performing.
    • Facebook updated their Page Insights tool so businesses can have a clearer understanding of what they need to do in order to drive the results they care about.
    • Union Metrics upgraded their Tumblr-endorsed analytics platform for the now Yahoo!-owned blog network.

While there is value in the capabilities that are being provided, it also exacerbates the problem digital marketers face in having to monitor so many different data silos in order to keep track of what’s happening.  The graphic below that was in a recent HubSpot blog post is a good illustration of the problem.  It lists 15 types of digital advertising services, and this does not take into account that many of these types of services have multiple offerings.

A recent Gartner survey discovered that digital marketing professionals feel that this is indeed a problem… 

Many organizations see their analytics operations as a bit chaotic, because each task requires a different model to be built or has its own analytics tools. A typical analytics tool inventory includes multiple cloud-based tools for Web, social, search engine marketing, advertising and email marketing. Analytics service providers, such as data aggregators, add to the mix. Only a small fraction of organizations have stepped up to the challenge of integrating the analytics processes and tools to get the big picture.

That’s it for this month.  Who knows how many new analytics offerings we will be talking about next month!  If you hear about a new one, let us know by adding a comment below.