Last week was quite the week for IPOs in the software industry.  Marketing automation vendor, Marketo, and data visualization provider, Tableau Software, both went public in an impressive fashion, as each of their stocks leaped more than 50 percent on their first day of trading.  The positive receptiveness by the market not only bodes well for the business software market in general, but at Origami Logic, we are pleased that the two newly-public companies are in market spaces – marketing technology and data visualization – related to what we are doing.

As Bryan Eisenberg stated earlier this week when commenting on the Tableau IPO

I love what you can do with their platform, but it still doesn’t pack the punch it needs to in order to get an organization to act on the data.

We agree and that is why we are marrying the worlds of marketing and data visualization to deliver a marketing analytics solution.  We feel that by bringing the two areas together, we can deliver to marketers insights that don’t require them to go through the mental exercise of interpreting the results in order to act on the data.  Stay tuned, as we will be providing more details about our solution later this year.