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In early May, we announced the Spring 2017 release of our marketing performance measurement platform. Among its new features is a new mobile app that delivers Origami Stories, notifications that leverage artificial intelligence to automate the generation and delivery of key performance indicators and insights directly to marketers, in real time.

Today, we are excited to announce that our new mobile app is now available for download on the Apple App Store. Here’s the description of the mobile app and Origami Stories from our announcement…

Origami Logic’s mobile app delivers proactive notifications, called Origami Stories, that automatically surface information, observations and insights on marketing performance issues so marketers can quickly take action to optimize the performance of campaigns. Each Story comes with detailed, supporting information and can be easily shared.

Some Stories are user configurable. For example, a user can specify a threshold for a metric that is related to a campaign asset, such as a website, an ad, a video, a social message, etc. The Origami Logic platform then tracks this metric for every instance of the asset type and a notification is sent when the threshold is exceeded, like “Some of your AdWords ads have exceeded a CPM of $1.30.”

Other Stories are automatically and intelligently generated by the Origami Logic platform. For example, an anomaly for a particular metric can be detected through the use of dynamic baselining. The Origami Logic platform uses machine learning to automatically calculate the baseline performance for a metric based on historical data. If a deviation from the baseline is detected, a notification is sent, like “There is a spike in the average CPC for a particular campaign.”

If you are an Origami Logic customer, download the app and start taking advantage of Origami Stories. If you are not a customer, get in touch with us to learn more about Origami Stories and our marketing performance measurement platform.

Still want to learn more, customer or not, join our Stories webinar Tuesday, June 20th at 11am PT. This will be a short 20 min walk through Stories and 10 minutes for Q&A.

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