New Origami Stories deliver actionable marketing insights straight to your phone as activations and campaigns are in-flight.

New origami stories

Today, we are rolling out some new Origami Stories. We introduced Stories in early May when we announced our mobile app and machine learning capabilities. Stories are proactive notifications that automatically surface information, observations and insights on marketing activities so marketers can quickly take action to optimize the performance of campaigns or respond to a threshold limit.

Search Impression Score Story

New Origami Stories Highlights:

  • Search impression share – This Story lets users specify AdWords keywords to monitor, automatically sends a notification if their performance drops significantly, and then — quite uniquely — provides guidance on what aspect of the keyword caused the drop (ad relevance, landing page relevance, expected clickthrough rate, budget) so marketers can quickly make changes to improve the performance.
  • Top performers – This Story shows the “top N” performers of a certain type of campaign asset (e.g., a website, an ad, a video, a social message) based on metrics defined by a user; for example, top display ads by clickthrough rate, or top social ads by engagement.
  • KPI – This Story sends notifications on a defined interval (daily, weekly, etc.) about KPIs, as defined by a user. This lets marketers easily stay on top of KPIs without having to check a dashboard or go into an application on a regular basis.

Stories are generated by the Origami Logic Marketing Insights Engine (MIE). MIE combines Origami’s deep knowledge of the marketing data ecosystem with AI techniques to automate key tasks related to the transformation of raw data into marketing guidance.

The new Stories announced today are in addition to the two we introduced in May:

  • Anomaly detection – This Story automatically detects an anomaly for a particular metric. This story leverages the use of dynamic baselining. The Origami Logic platform uses machine learning to automatically calculate the baseline performance for a metric based on historical data. If a deviation from the baseline is detected, a notification is sent, like “There is a spike in the average CPC for a particular
  • Threshold detection – With this Story, a user can specify a threshold for a metric that is related to a campaign asset, such as a website, an ad, a video, a social message, etc. The Origami Logic platform then tracks this metric for every instance of the asset type and a notification is sent when the threshold is exceeded, like “Some of your AdWords ads have exceeded a CPM of $1.30.”

Stories are now also available in the Origami Logic web application. This is in addition to them being available in the Origami iPhone app, which is downloadable at the Apple App Store.