Origami Logic Platform

Oriami Logic is happy to announce the worlds first Marketing Signal Measurement Platform. To manage and optimize marketing campaign investments, modern marketers must be able to measure the millions of marketing signals produced by their digital and offline programs. As previously defined in the Origami Logic Marketing Signals Framework, marketing signals are measures of response to daily marketing activity – both the actions audiences take and the thousands of metrics marketing platforms generate.

Marketing signals provide the best picture of audience interest, engagement and intent – giving marketers detailed insights into marketing performance across paid, earned and owned media. They provide a standardized way of optimizing campaign investments, understanding progress towards goals and objectives, and improving marketing performance over time. To compete in today’s complex multi-channel world, it is critical that marketers harvest, organize and analyze marketing signals in a disciplined way.

Marketing Signal Measurement (MSM) is the process of deriving and optimizing key insights from marketing signals. It fills the gap between raw data and insights in today’s marketing ecosystem by combining metrics, creative assets, metadata, and campaign properties and provides a precise, standardized way to quantify and optimize campaigns.

Marketing Signal Measurement enables marketers to improve marketing performance, drive business impact and increase revenue through four core phases: harvesting, refinement, analysis and activation. The new Origami Logic MSM platform addresses all four phases.

Signal Harvesting allows marketers to reliably maintain a complete, up-to-the-minute view of source signals from marketing platforms (AdWords, Facebook, Doubleclick, etc.), execution systems (Sprinklr, Responsys, Marin Software, etc.), analytics tools (Adobe Analytics, Nielsen, Facebook Insights, etc.), and in-house systems. The Origami Logic MSM platform handles authorization, authentication and management of API connections to signal sources, API scheduling and frequency management, automated file-based signal ingestion and management, and signal storage, including assets and contextual metadata. It also automates the process of versioning, error-detection and re-fetching, validation and gap filling, back fetching of historical data, and the direct import of offline and proprietary signals to deliver the best possible accuracy, depth, granularity, completeness, and timeliness.

Signal Refinement improves the fidelity of harvested signals through cleansing, harmonization, enrichment, and fusing. The Origami Logic MSM platform cleanses signals by scanning them to detect errors or missing or duplicated data and then corrects them accordingly. It harmonizes signals by normalizing assets and metadata across data sources and marketing channels and enriches signals by calculating and adding derived signals and metadata, such as time granularities, estimated metrics, geographical breakdowns, etc. The Origami platform also fuses signals and joins disparate data, within and across sources, to enhance their value and ease of interpretation.

Signal Analysis improves the relevance of signals, in the context of business outcomes, through dynamic categorization, adaptive aggregation, calculation, segmentation, filtering and comparison. The Origami Logic MSM platform categorizes marketing performance according to a customizable measurement taxonomy, such as by brands, products, and geographies, and aggregates (summing, averaging, etc.) signals by category, date/time range, and other groupings. Origami also segments signals by categories or dimensions, filters signals across multiple criteria, and compares signals across multiple categories, date ranges, or other criteria.

Signal Activation is the process of activating signals through media such as reports, dashboards, alerts, emails, etc. Origami provides a set of rich, real-time daily signal reports that empower marketers to make ongoing changes to marketing campaigns that are in-flight.

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