With brands increasingly seeking more control and transparency into their digital media spend, many marketers are taking matters into their own hands. And while the challenges are many, with the right people, processes and platform in place, brands can tap into the true potential of programmatic in-housing.

But don’t just take our word for it. Take it from a distinguished panel of industry experts who explored the challenges and opportunities of in-housing in our latest webinar, Work Smarter. Harness the Promise of Programmatic Media.

Hosted by eMarketer, the webinar included research analysis from Advertiser Perceptions’ Vice President of Business Intelligence, Justin Fromm, a firsthand account of in-housing success from Diageo’s Global Media Buying and Operations Director, Joshua Nafman, and recommendations on how to start an in-housing journey from Origami Logic’s Vice President of Marketing Analytics Architecture, April Brown.

While Fromm discussed the results of our joint study on why U.S. marketers are currently in-housing – and why they are struggling – Nafman shared how in-housing Diageo’s programmatic and social media buying not only exceeded the brand’s expectations three times over, it drove 16.5 times more efficiencies in return. In other words, by in-housing, the global alcohol beverage brand now had $16.5 million in tangible value to strategically redirect across brands, channels, people or even cash flow.

Of course, in-housing isn’t something that happens overnight. Nafman shared how Diageo’s desire to completely understand the people, processes and platform behind its media led them through an extensive audit, test and scale approach that took time, patience and a total buy-in across the organization. And while the resulting media efficiencies were well worth it, by adopting a performance-driven mindset and an automated reporting and campaign intelligence solution, Diageo was not only able to make in-flight optimizations – it created an entire culture of optimization.

Brown rounded out the discussion by reinforcing the importance of creating a performance culture and what that really means–it’s about more than just achieving greater efficiencies; it’s about increasing value and relevance and knowing where to invest to drive growth. Doing this, she stressed, requires an automated analytics and reporting solution that delivers insights that empower media practitioners as well as brand executives to make timely and impactful decisions that improve overall performance. For in-housing to be successful, Brown concluded brands must make sure they have a solid data foundation, put their data in context for all stakeholders and, perhaps most importantly, collaborate.  

To learn more about the real-world trials and tribulations of programmatic in-housing, enjoy the webinar “Work Smarter. Harness the Promise of Programmatic Media.” And for more details on Diageo’s in-housing success, look out for our forthcoming case study “The Difference Between Being More Efficient – and Maximizing Efficiencies.

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