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Now that the whirlwind of activity has died down a bit from the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit this week, the team has had a chance to reflect on the giant industry peer gathering in Las Vegas.

It was certainly exciting to listen on social channels to some of the top influencers on social media including Ann HandleyScott Brinker and  Jon Miller.

A few snippets that caught our eye that speak to the theme of #TomorrowsMarketer focus on how marketing efforts need to focus on the entire customer journey from start to finish.  

“Yesterday’s marketers was a support function. Today’s marketer is a crucial team member”

“Build a customer relationship that scales and drives the company agenda”

Reflections from CMO of Origami Logic, Steven Wastie below on what marketers can focus on today to drive meaningful customer experiences.

“While inspiring messages abound at the annual Marketo Summit #MKTGnation, what about today? Every marketer I talk to is feeling the pressure today and can’t afford to wait until tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow’s marketers will inevitably focus on customer needs more than ever before, but how will the marketing technology industry support them in this effort? Account-Based Marketing (ABM), while not new, is certainly gaining traction, and engaging consumers in a conversation throughout their customer journey is critical. However, from our perspective, the view of the customer is still heavily fragmented across channels, interaction moments, devices and many other contextual dimensions. Many marketers still can’t easily answer questions about what happened today – across their brand, their campaigns, their marketing channels, their customer interactions or the resulting sales impact. Marketers need a unified single source of truth to understand how they can best measure, execute and adjust campaigns. Only in-flight, cross-channel campaign optimization will give tomorrow’s marketers the ability to keep their customers by their side while driving business results today.”

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