For this roundup of marketing analytics tips (you can see our initial roundup here), we will be sharing articles we found on a couple of popular marketing sites, MarketingProfs and Clickz.  These sites are full of words of wisdom from marketing experts on a variety of topics and there are a number of articles on marketing analytics.  Here are a few that particularly resonated with us…

    • Michele Kiss wrote a three-part series of articles, entitled “The Most Undervalued Analytics Tool: Communication.”  In Part 1, she explains why good communication is critical to analytics and how analysts can enhance communication within their teams.  In Part 2, Michele talks about how analysts can boost interdepartmental communication, and in Part 3, she addresses the need for analysts to improve their communication with executives.
    • In “Analytics Is Like Driving,” Jim Sterne writes about how analytics is a lot like driving, and explains how data, analytic tools, analysts, and business visionaries are much like roads, vehicles, drivers, and navigators.

Finally, we want to share the latest article from Avinash Kaushik on his Occam’s Razor blog. In “Excellent Analytics Tip #24: Obsess About Real Business Profitability,” Kaushik encourages marketers to look broader than their web analytics silos if they want to discover insights that can really affect the bottom line.