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Big events are SEO slam dunks for brand social engagement, enter solar eclipse 2017. We’ve seen this time and again with big event social campaigns during March Madness, the Super Bowl, the Olympics, Black Friday… the list goes on. And when an event is happening once in a blue moon (or once in a total solar eclipse in this case), you bet brands are going to jump on it. AdAge nailed it this morning when they said, “The rarity of the total solar eclipse sweeping across the central United States means total marketing saturation on social media”.

Since the last total solar eclipse in the US was in 1979, when the Internet and social media weren’t around, this is really the first time we’re seeing how people respond to this age-old event with technology. For example, data visualization experts are mapping how Google search interest in ‘eclipse’ follows the path of totality for the event. While YouTube is a great place to get complete coverage of the solar eclipse itself, Twitter and Instagram seem to be the channels most brands have used to get the most social engagement for the event.

solar eclipse search mapSocial engagement for major brands like Volvo, Google, Pringles, Denny’s, NASA, The Weather Channel, CNN, and many others is on fire posting for the #solareclipse2017 hype. And it doesn’t matter whether you have something to do with outer space or not – it’s all fair game. While NASA (which is directly involved in the event and gains direct traffic from it) got 5.6K likes on this post, Denny’s leveraged the event to gain almost 2K likes for their moon-shaped pancakes thanks to the event, which is still impressive!

Here are some of our favorite posts and tactics used to score high engagement….

Incorporating Humor for Social Engagement

Funny is always worth a like. Our favorite was NASAMoon blocking NASASun on Twitter.

Leveraging Influencers for Social Engagement

While most created custom content for the event, other brands used influencers to incorporate the eclipse and a product into a post today.Just another way to get some brand visibility. Doughnuts dominated the social influencer game – must be their shape? Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme each chose some doughnut-loving influencers.

Product Placement for Social Engagement

TONS of brands chose this event to creatively incorporate their product or logo into the eclipse. We give most creative to Goldfish and West Elm.

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The Real Solar Eclipse MVPs – the Glasses

The only way the human eye can see the eclipse is through the glasses, so the world accessorized!

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