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If you are a marketer, the frenzy of a marketing and advertising opportunity that March Madness presents is one that you can’t afford to miss out on. We are living in an always-on digital world and with the plethora of engagement channels increasing, being able to track cross-channel campaigns and take action on insights has never been greater.

The Origami Logic Marketing Signal Measurement Platform was used to track the owned social activation and audience engagement for over 55 brands across five social platforms that activated during March Madness. In this report, learn:

  • Which brands were the most active on social media before and during the tournament
  • The brands who won the most likes, comments, shares, favorites and retweets and how a Facebook photo contest was the clear winner
  • The brands who led with the most applause, conversation and amplification.

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Let’s take a look at three key takeaways from our analysis on the approaches brands today are taking on activating their social presence.

Instagram is Getting Louder

Today, Instagram is the most efficient social platform for organic engagement. The launch of Instagram’s Ad solutions provides advertisers with the tools to extend their reach into the highly engaged Instagram user base. 44.5% of consumer engagements for non-sponsors were taken on Instagram.

Takeaway: Compared to last year’s March Madness, consumer engagement on brand activity is much more distributed across platforms. Instagram’s share of total engagement increased 11x.

Social Platform Diversification

Compared to last year, Instagram’s share of total engagement increased 11x and Twitter increased 2x, while consumer engagement on Facebook with brand activity dropped significantly from 84.8% to 44.3%.

Takeaway: Brands are shifting their social media investment from a Facebook-centric approach to a more diversified platform portfolio strategy involving multiple channels of activation. Download the report to learn more.

Cutting Through The Noise  – Sweet Sweet Success

Reese’s the official candy partner of March Madness, gathered roughly 260,000 engagements on Facebook alone. The peanut butter cup loving provider earned a slam dunk with a Facebook photo contest that put them in front of pack. Reese’s also earned the position of Top Brand by Amplification and by Applause.

Takeaway: A brand’s social audiences and their content strategy increasingly affected the type of engagement they received more. Learn more about the engagement types by downloading the report.