17 10, 2017

Do You Know Your Marketing Measurement Maturity Level? (Forrester)

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At Origami Logic, we have the pleasure of interacting with some of the world’s largest advertisers. In our discussions with them, we find that organizations are on different points of a spectrum, in terms of the people, technology and processes they have in place to measure the performance of their marketing activities. Thus, when we begin [...]

6 12, 2016

A Quick Tour of Measurement for Video Campaigns

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This story was written by Origami Logic CMO, Steven Wastie, and was originally published on Scott Brinkler’s Chief Marketing Technologist Blog.  Video is an effective mechanism for amplifying a brand message and engaging with consumers in ways that “connect” with them. In a recent analysis we did on Rio Olympic campaigns, the brands with popular videos/commercials [...]

22 11, 2016

Poor Video Ad Creative is Like Speaking Chinese to a German

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This is Part II of our ongoing blog series on creating and measuring game-changing video advertisements. If you missed it, Part I covers establishing a foundation for measurement in order to prove ROI. Once you have set your desired KPIs against your brand’s goals, planning a powerful and relevant DV campaign is the next step. The key [...]

16 05, 2016

10 Key Evaluation Criteria for a Cross-Channel Marketing Data Insights Tool

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Marketers should expect more from their Performance Reporting Although marketers are all too used to being told “you can’t have that” in response to a request for performance information, there has been some significant movement forward in technology, functionality and usability.  Given that, it’s a good time to check in on what you should expect to [...]

27 08, 2015

9 Reasons Why Marketing Data Is Difficult To Use

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There are many who believe that data is data. That there aren’t any significant differences between the various types of data used within businesses, whether it is financial data, sales data, marketing data, whatever. You will particularly hear this from vendors who provide generic business intelligence/data warehousing solutions. They need to believe this since their solutions [...]