8 06, 2015

Engineering Insights: Machine Learning Methods Behind Marketing Intelligence

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Editor's Note: Manish Amde is an engineer at Origami Logic. He wrote this article with Joseph Bradley of Databricks which first appeared on Databricks in January 2015. Spark 1.2 introduces Random Forests and Gradient-Boosted Trees (GBTs) into MLlib. Suitable for both classification and regression, they are among the most successful and widely deployed machine learning methods. Random Forests and GBTs are ensemble learning [...]

16 04, 2015

Smart Homes, The Internet Of Things, And The Autonomous Purchase Path

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Editor's Note: Scott Jones is the VP of Marketing at Origami Logic. He is a regular columnist for Media Post and this article first appeared on Media Post in April 2015. What happens when the path-to-purchase model no longer exists? For years CPG companies have relied on focused efforts and investment to get their products onto the shopping list [...]

6 04, 2015

Getting Insights From Marketing Data No Longer Requires Boiling The Ocean

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This is the final post in a series that addresses the different approaches organizations are taking to implement a Marketing Intelligence solution, a software system that takes raw marketing data from various sources and transforms it into valuable insights. You can read the other posts -- part 1, part 2, and part 3. In this post, [...]

1 04, 2015

Engineering Insights: 8 Common Roadblocks to Building Your Own Connectors

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Co-authored by Tali Dolev and Siamack Sanaie These days, every marketing team is looking for ways to collect and analyze the vast amounts of data generated by dozens of different channels and sources. When a marketing team has grown to the point where their performance measurement needs can no longer be satisfied by basic analytics tools, they [...]

31 07, 2014

Origami Logic’s Scott Jones on Canon’s Bring It Marketing Campaign

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Our VP of Marketing, Scott Jones, just became a contributor for MediaPost's Marketing:Entertainment newsletter. Here is his first article... Smart Marketing: #BringIt If we all had the same brand equity that Apple or Nike has then our marketing lives would be so much easier. Sadly, many of us aren’t so fortunate, but smart well-executed campaigns can [...]

15 01, 2014

Variety of Data Makes Marketing Analytics Tricky

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Edd Dumbill recently wrote a column for Forbes, entitled “Big Data Variety Means That Metadata Matters.” In the column, Dumbill argues that of the “three V’s” associated with big data - volume, velocity, and variety... ...it’s the variety in data that holds the most potential for exploitation. While not everybody has the huge problems of volume [...]

8 01, 2014

IDC’s Chief Marketing Officer Predictions for 2014

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In mid December, IDC came out with their Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) predictions for 2014. The entire list of predictions can be found here. As you will see, many of the predictions involve something related to technology - digital marketing, data, analytics, etc. Not a big surprise. Here are some of the predictions that particularly caught [...]

11 03, 2013

Getting to the Answer

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Various ideas got thrown around during the weekly team meeting and Emily, the VP of Marketing, suggested doing some historical analysis to determine which option is likely to work best. Lucky for her, there’s a person in the analytics team (let’s call him Eric) who is actually happy to run the desired analysis. No prob. It’ll [...]

8 03, 2013

The Limits of the Pure Technology Role in Marketing

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  Forbes: MarTech Strength vs. the Human Intuition  In his recent Forbes article,  “The Limits Of Big Data Marketing”, Greg Satell (@Digitaltonto) describes the limits technology can have in marketing. “The future of marketing,” he says, “resides not in the power of our technology, but in the spirit of our human intent.” While it is true [...]