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As Social Investment Grows, it’s Harder to Track Results

Social has become a critical activation channel for brands to engage and interact with consumers. According to recent data from The CMO Survey, social media spending is expected to climb to a 20.9 percent share of marketing budgets in the next five years, a dramatic increase from only 5.6 percent in 2009.

However, as brands increase their social marketing investments, measuring social marketing performance has become increasingly difficult, particularly as brands increase their presence across paid, owned and earned platforms. A couple of key findings from the survey:

  • Only 11.5% are able to quantify the impact social media has had on their business.
  • Only 10.2% of the recent survey respondents think that social media makes a significant contribution to their company’s performance.

The Path Forward to Smarter Decision-Making

The Origami Logic Marketing Signal Measurement (MSM) platform helps marketers address these challenges by delivering the capabilities needed to unify measurement across all social  marketing activities and place the results within the context of business objectives.

  • One Control Hub, One Source of Truth Combine paid, owned and earned results into a unified and standardized view of social marketing performance.
  • Drive Growth With Informed Business Decisions Discover actionable content-level insights to optimize campaign strategy in a timely manner.
  • Standardized Measurement Align social measurement with business goals and objectives. Leverage a library of ready-to-use, best-practices dashboards and KPIs informed by leading global brands.
  • Address Fragmented Information Silos Gain visibility into the impact social marketing activities are having on other areas, including website conversions and revenue.

With the massive volume of signals brands are receiving across their paid, owned and earned social pages, tracking and analyzing social marketing performance can be a confusing and time-consuming exercise. The Origami Logic MSM platform makes measuring social performance easy.