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Many brands – both sponsors and non-sponsors – are featuring/sponsoring athletes in their Olympic marketing campaigns. One of the benefits of sponsoring athletes is the ability to leverage their star power and their social followings, some of which are very large. We were curious about the value of a star Olympian’s social presence so we took a close look at one example…
Gabby Douglas, a member of the US women’s national gymnastics team and a three-time gold medal winner, has over 1.4 million followers on her Instagram account and she uses her account to promote many brands, including Barbie, Citi and Nike. The one brand that is most prominently featured is Gillette Venus. This is not a surprise since earlier this year, Gillette Venus announced Gabby as the brand’s ambassador.

In a recent ten-week period, Gabby posted 35 photos or videos on Instagram and seven of them promoted Gillette Venus. Here are the engagement details, as of August 15, for each of those seven Instagram posts and when applicable, we also show the details of the same posts on Gillette Venus’ Instagram account:

Gabby Douglas Instagram Gillette Venus Instagram
Followers 1.4 million 13.7 thousand
August 13 video 2,025,408 views 1,421 views
August 8 video 2,709,596 views 5,811 views
August 1 photo 73,622 likes Not applicable
July 25 photo 46,806 likes 305 likes
July 12 video 442,028 views 7,588 views
June 23 photo 30,214 likes 325 likes
June 6 video 280,198 views 11,495 views
Total views/likes 5,607,872 26,945

Needless to say, the level of engagement Gabby receives dwarfs that of Gillette Venus, particularly for the two videos that have been posted since the Olympics started. It looks like Gillette Venus got a gold medal winner in Gabby!


Video From Gabby’s Instagram

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(August 25th Video – screenshot taken after data above was collected)


Video From Gillette Venus’ Instagram

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(August 13th Video – screenshot taken after data above was collected)


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