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The internet contains endless tips and tricks for social media campaigns—from using hashtags, to leveraging the right platform for your audience, to choosing between photos or videos for your next post, and much, much more. The challenge remains, however, to decide on a brand marketing strategy that is unique and engaging for your audience. Just think: Does the formula for your brand apply across other industries? Would a brand like Charmin apply the same tactics as Mercedes-Benz? Can a CVS post bring in as much engagement as the awe-inspiring moments captured by Red Bull?

Origami Logic’s newest brand marketing report explored this mystery to provide answers to brand marketers across industries. From January to June, we tracked brand marketing campaigns over social of 305 brands spanning 17 industries across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We analyzed over 160k social messages, and over 1.2 billion fan engagements (likes, shares, retweets, etc.) using the Origami Logic platform to discover best practices that you can implement across your own campaigns for the remainder of 2017, and beyond.

As anticipated, it’s clear that not only social platforms but also industries have their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, for high fan engagement, we found that luxury brands (with expensive specialized products) and CPG brands (with more affordable everyday products) need to employ vastly different social strategies.

Luxury brands stay elusive, while CPG steps up their interactive posts

A picture is worth 1,000 words, or 100,000 likes in Mercedes-Benz’ case. Luxury brands prevail by posting rich still images. “Less is more” philosophy wins engagement for luxury brands because they tease fans with what they dream of owning. Although there are many necessities that come before a new car or designer bag, a glimpse into the luxurious lifestyle welcomes a like or a share.

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On the contrary, CPG brands with widely attainable products are likely not able to stop a fan in their tracks by simply posting breathtaking photos of the newest toothpaste lineup or the latest ultra-soft toilet paper. CPG brands must leverage their everyday relatability to interact with their fans. Charmin is just one example of a brand utilizing sass and humor to connect with individuals and encourage social chatter. An opportunity for conversation can surface authentic content by fans, which is much more buzz-worthy. Authenticity and humor score major fan points, which fuels engagement that amplifies brand awareness.

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Quality Over Quantity for Social Content

While you might expect a brand that posts often to attract the most overall engagement, that is not necessarily the case. Brands GoPro have vast amounts of content to work with. While they could flood your feed with extreme sports and adventure videos, they strategically choose to share only their most remarkable posts that are sure to stand out. Here’s a sneak peek of how some brands embraced the power of quality over quantity for impressive engagement per post.

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Download the Full Brand Marketing Report Now

As the second half of 2017 is well under way, use this report to check up on your standings and implement changes to accomplish (or exceed) your goals. Discover how your brand stacks up against 305 other brands, and what you can learn.

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