Twitter Ad

With most digital interactions between brands and customers taking place on mobile, it’s not surprising that Twitter can now target users via app categories. The latest feature will let advertisers target mobile users based on apps already installed on their devices. This added feature will certainly complicate how marketing teams measure ad spend across targeting criteria.

“With installed app category targeting, you can identify new audiences of high-quality users to target within your existing app category and in related app categories.” writes Deepak Rao, product manager of revenue at Twitter. 

Marketers will also be able to combine the new feature with other targeting types like language, location and keywords. All of these variations in targeting criteria coupled with the distribution of budget and spend between campaigns can quickly lead to a reporting nightmare for marketers. To remedy some of the marketing measurement madness, Twitter will be releasing a new reporting and analytic tool for installed app categories within its advertiser dashboard. These new reports will be available for mobile app campaigns whether or not marketers decide to use the app categories feature.

The latest feature from Twitter marks another channel to marketing that could impact mobile campaigns. The feature also adds another dimension of marketing measurement that most teams have never encountered. The challenge here will be integrating the measurement of app categories into existing ad spend metrics already being tracked. As the complexity of ad targeting grows, the complexity of tracking ad spend across channels, campaigns and targets grow. It is why companies need to utilize a holistic data collection and organization framework that can scale with the increasing complexities of ad targeting.

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