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This week, Vine, the video sharing service owned by Twitter, introduced a new metric called Loop Counts.

What is it?

You can think of loop counts as analogous to YouTube’s Watch Time. Both metrics represent how long the video managed to retain the viewer’s interest. If you know the video’s length, watch time can be approximated from loop counts using the following formula:

Watch Time = Loop Counts * Video Length

Why does it matter?

This is the first metric for Vine that measures content engagement based on its video format. Previous metrics, such as Likes and Re-Vines, have been format-agnostic, equivalents of Twitter Favorites and Retweets.

How can I interpret it?

Whereas likes are a good measure of favorability and re-vines are a measure of shareability, loop counts are a measure of addictivity. One way to approximate the relative addictivity of videos is by calculating:

Loops per Like = Loop Count / Likes

How can I combine it with other metrics?

If you want to create a cross-channel metric for watch time that spans YouTube and Twitter, you can calculate this using the following:

Cross-Channel Watch Time = YouTube Watch Time + (Vine Loop Counts * Vine Average Video Length)

What should I watch out for?

Extremely short videos may have their loop count artificially inflated due to the viewer not navigating away quickly enough.


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