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When it comes to marketing campaigns, the Visa Checkout campaign has had notable success in the digital payments space over the last year. As Google, Paypal and Apple ramp up their own digital payment systems, the competition has been fierce, but Visa has carved out its own piece of the pie. Visa Checkout, much like Apple Pay and Google Wallet, is a digital payment system that can store credit card information and shipping information for a seamless payment experience. Since its introduction in July of last year, Visa Checkout has accrued over four million registered user.

As one of Visa’s top marketing initiatives of 2014, the Visa Checkout campaign has leveraged partnerships with 140 major retailers and 260 financial institutions to help entice its new users, according to Visa. With its increasing success, Visa plans to amplify its efforts with phase two of the campaign rolling out this year. Ad Age reports that Visa will be kicking off phase two this Summer and will build momentum moving into the Fall and Winter months with a combination of digital and TV ads. 

Visa is also reported to be leveraging its list of heavy hitting partnerships with the NFL, Olympics, FIFA, Virgin America and Dunkin’ Donuts to amplify exposure and buzz throughout the year.

The future looks bright for Visa Checkout but the competition isn’t going anywhere. Apple Pay is one of the contenders making major waves in the digital payments space, especially with the release of the Apple Watch and it’s impact on how consumers experience mobile payments. Google is also scheduled to announce, at its I/O conference, a plan for revamping its mobile payment system this year with Android Pay. As one of our customers, we’re very interested and excited to see what Visa has in store for phase two of its Visa Checkout rollout.

Even more so, we’re interested in how Visa will be leveraging all of their newly acquired marketing and customer data to improve the overall customer experience.

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Source: Ad Age

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