In the latest release of our Marketing Signal Measurement Platform, we focused on updates that help marketers make cross-channel campaign decisions in-flight and address data transparency concerns.  The Origami Logic Marketing Graph™, the focal point of the release, is the ‘secret sauce’ that allows Marketers to dynamically define the relationships between different marketing elements — campaigns, activities, assets, performance metrics, and is integral to how data is processed and organized so it can be presented to users in intuitive and meaningful ways.

Here’s Origami Logic Co-Founder, VP of Product, and PhD Mathematician, Alon Amit’s brief description of the Marketing Graph:

 Tame the Marketing Data Beast with Marketing Graph™

Make more informed campaign decisions with a data model that’s designed for modern marketing.

Marketers continuously struggle to draw insights from the millions of marketing signals generated each day by increasingly complex and diverse cross-channel campaigns. With growing volumes and variety of data, marketers more than ever need to understand the dynamic relationships between metrics from social media, display advertising, search, mobile, web, CRM, email, and more.

Origami Logic’s Marketing Graph™ is the heart of the data model that collects and refines cross-channel data in a way that brings meaning to the data, supporting the unique measurement needs of stakeholders from the CMO to analysts to brand marketers.

For more on harnessing the power of the Marketing Graph™ to seamlessly measure your campaigns – check out this presentation. We discuss common questions about marketing data models and how the Marketing Graph™ contributes to performance insights and decision making during and after your campaigns. Click through the presentation slides to learn:

  • Marketing data is very complex and dynamic, what challenges does this create when measuring marketing performance?
  • Why traditional BI tools are insufficient for marketing specific use cases?
  • How the Marketing Graph™ is tackling the challenge of cross-channel measurement.
  • How does the Marketing Graph™ help a marketing analyst?

Taming the Marketing Data Beast Wth Marketing Graph™