With media transparency making headlines, it has become a key initiative for advertisers to get transparent access to data that shows how their media is performing. Viewability, invalid traffic and brand safety data are critical in this effort so as a result, solutions that offer such data — Moat, for example — have become an important component in an organization’s marketing technology stack. However, the value of such data is not fully maximized when looking at it in a standalone manner, within a silo. To get the most out of the data, it is important to integrate the data with other marketing data, in order to get a holistic perspective on media performance.

At Origami Logic, Moat is one of many marketing data sources we support. As we work with customers of Moat, we have found there are two key benefits from integrating viewability, invalid traffic and brand safety data with other marketing data:

Understand efficiency of media spend

Solutions like Moat help you understand the efficiency of your media spend by monitoring viewability, invalid traffic, and brand safety. But there are other factors that also have an impact on media spend efficiency. In particular, there are a lot of different fees in the current media supply chain – agency fees, managed service fees, data fees, ad serving fees, Moat fees, etc. – that affect the percentage of spend that actually goes towards working media. Origami provides a way for Moat data and fee data to be brought together so you can get a picture of the efficiency of your media spend.

Analyze media effectiveness

Media efficiency is only half the equation. You also want to know if your media was effective, or in other words, if you are meeting your marketing objectives. Origami automatically connects to social, social listening, search, ad server, web, email, user-level-data, Moat, etc. to help answer the effectiveness question. For example, you can set up a dashboard to see Moat viewability metrics side-by-side with brand awareness lift, social engagement, website visits, conversion rates, and cost per acquisition to see if there are any correlations.

It’s no secret that integrated data is more valuable than siloed data. This is the number one reason why it’s in your best interest to consolidate all marketing data in one place. Origami can help you maximize your use of Moat usage to provide greater transparency on the performance of your media.

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