World Cup Battle

The World Cup is in full swing and so are the marketing efforts of brands around the world, as they try to take advantage of the huge interest in the World Cup to win over the mindshare of consumers. At Origami Logic, we thought it would be interesting to measure the World Cup social media marketing activities of some of the world’s biggest brands and to see what kind of engagement they get from their efforts. This is not an easy task since we only want to measure the impact of messages that are specifically related to the World Cup and ignore messages that have nothing to do with the World Cup.

So during the World Cup, we will be using our own Marketing Intelligence Platform to keep an eye on four brands that will be battling it out over the next month. We will be using our innovative search and tagging capabilities to find, measure, and analyze the effects of their World Cup efforts. The four brands are:

Nike vs. Adidas


CocaCola vs. Pepsi

As we discover interesting insights, we will be tweeting them out with the hashtag #BrandBattles. To see our tweets, follow us on Twitter at @origamilogic.

Let the battles begin!


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