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Optimize Your Running Campaigns

Origami Logic is your single go-to solution for staying on top of campaign performance across all your digital advertising platforms. Take action and optimize with data-driven insights.

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Get Timely Insights and Maximize Your Media Spend

Stay on top of even the most complex campaigns with automated workflows and alerts, helping you determine exactly what, when and where to optimize as your campaign runs.

Know What to Optimize

Actionable Insights

Optimize and amend your budget, creative, audience and inventory.

Risk Management

Use benchmarks to gauge campaign performance.

Know When to Optimize

Automated Workflows

Detect risks inflight with proactive alerts and actionable recommendations.

Worry-Free Monitoring

Get the information you need to act immediately—not later during postmortems.

Know Where to Optimize

Integrated Analytics

Gain valuable insights from a single source covering all your channels.

Embedded Best Practices

Capture information and optimize your brand—scaling as your business grows.

See Origami Logic in Action

Our analytics solutions are uniquely designed to meet your needs, allowing you to continuously analyze and optimize the impact of marketing on your business.

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