Your marketing has stories to tell.

Stories about what’s going right, what’s going wrong, and what you could be doing to perform even better.

The tricky thing is, there are a lot of different elements to your marketing story

Many different channels

On many different platforms

Generating millions
of marketing signals

All constantly updating —
every single day.

And each speaks their
own unique language.

Making it tough to get a complete,
timely view of marketing impact.

Origami Logic pulls all of your
marketing performance data together

Fusing, enriching, and refining that data into
one common marketing language.

That’s when the magic really happens.

Now that all of your marketing data
is available in one place…

it’s easy to search for what you want...

And tag and organize data before, during, and after campaigns.

From there, you can create custom KPIs.

Build powerful dashboards…

Tailored for any team, campaign, or channel.

Simplify measurement across marketing channels
and take action with confidence.

Collect| Refine| Search| Define KPIs| Insights|