Receive personalized insights on your phone, access beautiful dashboards with custom KPIs, and enrich raw data with powerful scripts.


Generate personalized insights with Origami Stories

Origami Stories provide insights on your marketing data and are delivered in real time through the Origami Logic mobile app, allowing brands and agencies to make in-flight decisions. Users can dive deeper within the app and share insights with others to drive action. Origami provides an ever-growing library of story types, including threshold alerts, anomaly detection and more to keep you updated on campaign progress.

  • Users can subscribe to stories and notifications to personalize their feed to their role and priorities
  • Access stories through an in-app story feed
  • Share important stories via corporate messaging tools, e-mail or text message
  • Admins can authorize access, configure story parameters and manage subscriptions to stories


Transform raw marketing data with Origami Workbench

Origami Workbench provides direct access to the cleansed and harmonized raw marketing data set, allowing data analysts to transform the data, extract key attributes and enrich data with new metrics, attributes or tags via scripts.

  • Support for Python standard scripting languages
  • Access any object within our Marketing GraphTM
  • Create tags based on URL conventions and build custom categories
  • Manually input missing data or filter “one-offs” from ad results to align results with media plans
  • Model metrics across channels to predict outcomes

build marketing dashboards

Build beautiful visualizations easily

Origami Dashboards, our advanced dashboard building app, provides an extensive visualization library that transforms data into visual stories that are meaningful for marketers. Start with a template, clone an existing design, or use the drag-and-drop interface to build a custom dashboard to suit your needs. Metric selection and chart design is simple with Origami Logic’s suite of dashboard editing tools.

  • Visualize your data using dozens of beautiful charts, graphs, and tables
  • Easily build dashboards in an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface
  • Extensively customize the look and feel to match your brand guidelines
  • Collaborate by annotating dashboard elements with date-sensitive commentary
  • Manage dashboard access so the right people have view and access rights
  • Automate report distribution on the fly

build marketing dashboards

cross-channel marketing reports

Create custom metrics tailored to your business

A drag-and-drop formula builder makes it simple to build custom metrics that are perfectly aligned to your marketing objectives. Bring together data from all your channels and campaigns to create shared metrics so that your entire team can know what’s working, what isn’t, and where to optimize.

  • Create custom cross-channel metrics using our intuitive formula builder
  • Easily standardize and manage metric definitions across reports and teams
  • Automate metric aggregation across accounts, content, and date ranges
  • Intelligent weighted calculations for averaging across assets and date ranges

filter marketing dashboards

Filter dashboards and KPIs to see results in context

Origami Logic allows you to drill down into each visualization, so you never need to look elsewhere to find the answers you need. Set up dashboard filters by timeframe, product line, ad channel and more to track how your team is performing towards key goals.

  • Collect every metric, granularity, and dimension from source systems
  • Analyze summary results down to individual ads, posts, and creative elements
  • Combine creative imagery and quantitative results in a single visualization
  • Filter everything from individual metrics to entire dashboards
  • Compare performance across various date ranges (MoM, YoY, etc.)
  • Find high-performing creatives, ad channels and publisher channels

filter marketing dashboards

search marketing data

Explore all your data with guided, conversational search

Answering ad hoc questions can require digging into your data beyond top-line results. Origami Logic’s search utility allows you to explore all your performance data and content assets, across all of your marketing channels so that you can quickly find exactly what you need.

  • Quickly search across channels to discover your best performing content
  • Explore and visualize content-level contribution to top-line results
  • Overlay and correlate signals across channels, on the fly
  • Export data at any level for external exploration and analysis

filter marketing dashboards

Actionable data in context with your marketing

To get insights that can make an impact, you need detailed, cross-channel data that’s presented in context with your campaigns. Origami Logic displays data in ways that are meaningful for marketers and lets you drill-down, so that you never need to look elsewhere to find the answers you need.

  • Collect every metric, granularity, and dimension from source systems
  • Analyze summary results down to individual ads, posts, and creative elements
  • Automatically pull in creative imagery, text copy, publish date, targeting, and more
  • Combine creative imagery and quantitative results in a single visualization

cross-channel marketing reports

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