Collect and refine all of your marketing data from
every channel into a single, comprehensive view.


Holistic view of marketing performance

Getting a complete view of your marketing results can be painful and time consuming. Origami Logic does the heavy lifting of collecting, cleansing, and harmonizing your performance data, providing a comprehensive view of marketing performance in a single measurement platform.

  • Measure performance across paid, owned, and earned
  • Slice-and-dice results by geos, campaigns, channels, and more
  • Track competitive activity and benchmark results
  • View results for the entire purchase funnel


One-step marketing data collection and import

One-step adaptive data collection and import

Consolidating marketing performance data is painfully slow and error prone when your messages, content, and ads are scattered across hundreds or thousands of sources. Origami Logic collects and refines massive volumes of cross-channel data each and every day, so that you can stop wrangling spreadsheets and focus on putting insights into action.

  • Connect all your accounts and data sources in one step
  • Easily drill down to granular results for individual ads and creatives
  • Fetch years of historical campaign performance data
  • Import non-API, offline and proprietary data with OpenConnect


Complete, accurate, and timely results

Lacking the right results at the right time can mean missed opportunities or inaccurate conclusions about what’s working and what isn’t. Origami Logic ensures that your marketing data remains complete, accurate, and up-to-date. You can rest easy knowing that reliable data is always at your fingertips.

  • Data validation tailored to the unique demands of each data source
  • Automatically detects and fills gaps in your marketing data
  • Track competitive activity and benchmark results
  • Change detection and versioning for historical results

accurate marketing data

correct marketing data errors

Automatic correction of data errors

The quality of your insights depends on having clean and accurate data. Origami Logic refines raw signals coming from each data source, as they often contain errors and inconsistencies that make it difficult to perform meaningful analysis. Origami Logic’s automated data cleansing is a crucial step in understanding your marketing performance.

  • De-duplicate data fetched from overlapping sources to prevent double counting
  • Compare results across geos, campaigns, channels, and more
  • Interpolate signal gaps to prevent misleading spikes in performance
  • Filter self-referencing earned media (e.g., links to own blog, shares of own post, etc.)

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