Automatically organize all of your marketing performance data and surface timely insights so you can optimize in-flight campaigns.

Marketing Graph

Marketing GraphTM puts cross-channel data in context

The Marketing Graph is the heart of our platform and manages the complex relationships between diverse marketing platforms and metrics. It is flexible and extensible to support the ever-evolving marketing landscape and the unique measurement needs of individual companies.

  • Omni-channel Marketing Object Model that is infinitely extensible to support all data sources
  • Defines relationships between campaigns, activities, assets, metadata and performance metrics
  • Enables rapid querying and export of data across multiple sources, objects, metrics and attributes
  • Extensible and configurable to support all types of data sources, including proprietary data

Marketing Graph

marketing data analysis

Marketing Insights Engine surfaces performance issues

The Origami Marketing Insights Engine (MIE) leverages our marketing domain expertise and machine learning capabilities to generate actionable information and insights about marketing campaigns. Automation is enabled by rules, algorithms and AI techniques, allowing marketers to uncover meaningful insights and make faster, data-driven decisions.

  • Detect outliers and get alerted when specific metrics exceed pre-determined thresholds
  • Preserve data quality with automated data gap detection and data filling
  • Powers intelligence and automated insights at every layer of the platform, including Origami Stories
  • Benefit from best practices and knowledge from the world’s largest brand marketing teams

combine marketing data

Fuse and harmonize data from diverse sources

Marketing data comes in many formats and naming conventions, and disparate data sets need to be joined together to answer cross-channel questions, identify overlaps or to find missing content. Origami Logic correlates and fuses data across channels and sources, then harmonizes cross-channel data, breaking down silos between channels, media, and platforms, so that you can ask questions that span large sets of data.

  • Map and harmonize metric names and definitions across platforms and channels
  • Map creative and message fields across assets, such as titles, descriptions, posts, imagery, etc.
  • Align account structures across platforms, such as accounts, campaigns, ad groups, etc.
  • Merge paid performance and spend for sponsored posts with organic results of the original post

combine marketing data


Enrich your data with sophisticated data science

Origami Logic enhances your raw data with essential granularities, dimensions, and metadata, allowing you to slice-and-dice your performance data in ways that simply is not possible using data directly from source systems.

  • Calculate date and time granularities not available in the source data, such as fiscal year to date
  • Derive metrics, such as impressions and reach, when a value is not provided (e.g., in social posts)
  • Identify signals by country using data science and breakdowns of similar signals
  • Eliminate rigid and expensive to maintain data marts and data cubes
  • Easily add sentiment to posts, cost data to ads or lifetime value to customers
  • Calculate metrics for additional levels in an account, such as average quality scores for a campaign

Categorize data before, during and after campaigns

Organizing campaign signals in the context of your business is necessary for understanding how your marketing is impacting the bottom line. Origami Logic lets you easily create rules to automatically categorize and re-categorize marketing data by brands, products, geographies, campaigns, and more.

  • Apply labels to dynamically tag and organize results for reporting
  • Create rules to automatically classify results as they flow into the platform
  • Easily create hierarchies of categories to map to your business needs
  • Eliminate rigid and expensive to maintain data marts and data cubes


combine marketing data

Data is monitored for completeness and accuracy

Origami Logic fetches and processes marketing data on a daily basis from many sources, including DoubleClick, Facebook, AdWords, Google Analytics. It is typical for some sources to provide incomplete data or deliver incorrect metrics. We provide numerous checkpoints and failsafe mechanisms in addition to an in-house Data Quality team that constantly monitors and resolves data issues.

  • Algorithms identify data gaps and run automated data fetches to fill gaps
  • Automated monitoring of object counts, metadata and tag completeness
  • Smart alerts are triggered when metrics go out of an expected range
  • Detect fetch issues and alert customers on actions needed, such as re-authorizing access
  • Data Quality experts review data health and work with clients to resolve issues

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