Built from the ground up to help marketing teams continuously measure their impact and identify powerful insights about where to optimize.

The Origami Logic platform is designed to handle the high-volume, heterogenous requirements of today’s complex marketing data ecosystem. The platform consists of three key elements: Unified Data Engine, InsightStudio, and Open Architecture.

Unified Data Engine

The heart of the Origami Logic platform is its Unified Data Engine (UDE). It was architected to collect, refine, organize, integrate and analyze high volumes of marketing data, a must-have requirement for today’s digital marketing campaigns. In a live deployment at one of the world’s largest CPG companies, the UDE processes over 70M marketing signals from over 7,000 different data sources across a variety of channels every day.

Key Features of UDE

  • Built on scalable distributed services, each running on its own virtual machine, to independently scale based on workload and performance requirements
  • Data ingest and processing is enabled by the Marketing GraphTM, a unique data model that defines the multidimensional relationships native to marketing
  • Spark-based analytics module performs all calculations in-memory. Data is flexibly organized, unlike other solutions that store pre-aggregated data

Today’s marketers need to organize and visualize data in ways that makes sense for their business, and they need to access and share that data faster than ever. From a summary CMO dashboard to detailed campaign, content and channel analysis, it can daunting to serve all reporting needs in a reasonable timeframe. Origami’s InsightStudio allows you to explore your data to discover issues and opportunities, build beautiful dashboards, and generate automated insights tailored to the personalized needs of your team members.

Key Features of Insight Studio

  • Data Search – Explore your data to better understand the details and to address ad hoc questions
  • Dashboard Widgets – Origami provides an extensive pallet of tools to visualize your marketing results
  • Dashboard Tools – Drive productivity with dashboard filters, goal progress bars, period-over-period comparison tools and color coding
  • Origami Stories – Provide performance insights in real time through the Origami Logic mobile app, personalized to each individual’s role and priorities
Open Architecture

Marketing solutions today operate in an ecosystem and must be able to be easily expanded and integrated into an ever-changing landscape. As a result, Origami Logic has built an open architecture that can easily accept data from any marketing source, export cleansed marketing data for external reporting or modeling, and enable advanced users to transform and enrich raw marketing data.

Key Features of Open Architecture

  • API Collectors – Origami is rapidly building integrations to popular marketing APIs across the marketing technology spectrum. With a simple “click to add” integration, you only need provide credentials to connect.
  • OpenConnect – The marketing technology landscape is vast and ever-changing and some key marketing and business data is not available via an API. Origami automates data collection from any source via OpenObjects.
  • OpenExport – The cleansed and harmonized output of marketing data from the Unified Data Engine can
    be scheduled for regular export.
  • Data Workbench – Analysts can use powerful scripts to transform raw data, extract key attributes, and enrich data with new metrics, attributes or tags.


“Origami Logic has helped visualize the wealth of data we have, and
better explain the impact our digital marketing has on the business.”

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