“Origami Logic gives us one source of truth – it is the foundation
we need to understand all of the signals across our various channels.”

Omni Hotels & Resorts, Chief Marketing Officer

Our Platform

Origami Logic is a marketing analytics platform that is changing the way marketing insights are generated and consumed by marketers. Our platform collects and harmonizes data from all online and offline marketing channels, so you can get accurate results quickly. Measure the impact of marketing on your business and identify powerful insights on what’s working, what’s not, and where you can optimize.

Core Capabilities


Automate the collection of cross-channel data
Collect data directly from your marketing channels for real-time measurement and analysis.

  • Choose from an extensive list of popular marketing channels and tools.
  • Daily scheduling and gap filling delivers timely and accurate data.
  • Easily bring in data from non-API systems via OpenConnect automation.

A data model designed for modern measurement
The Marketing GraphTM defines the dynamic hierarchies between marketing campaigns, activities, creative assets, and performance metrics.

  • Connect and align metrics from any marketing source including social, display, search, mobile, web, CRM, email, offline, etc.
  • Incorporate proprietary, user-defined data sources such as transaction databases.
  • Add user-enhanced attributes, such as the addition of sentiment measurement for social listening.

Combine creatives with performance data
See how social posts, display ads, videos and more are driving goals like awareness, engagement, and advocacy.

  • View performance data alongside creative assets to better understand their impact.
  • Sort highest and lowest performing content based on business-critical KPIs.
  • Quickly see what content is working, what isn’t, and where to optimize.

Measure how marketing contributes to business goals
Build custom KPIs with a powerful equation builder using any marketing metric and dimension.

  • Cascade your KPIs as you define them to show the full story.
  • Explore powerful ways to measure and manage performance across multiple channels.
  • Build a common view of cross-channel performance for your internal and externals teams.

Architected for the demands of the enterprise
Origami Logic is built for today's complex marketing and IT technology environment.

  • Built on leading-edge technology and built handle the performance and scale requirements of the largest enterprises.
  • Enterprise-class security and administrative controls to support the needs of large user communities.
  • Broad array of expert services for application implementation and on-going support.

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