Understanding Your Marketing Data

Modern marketers have to deal with a staggering volume and variety of marketing signals. Start here on your path to mastering your marketing performance.
What are marketing signals?

Marketing signals are the gap between raw data and insights. They are responses to your marketing activity, such as ad clicks, social interactions, and website visits, along with derived performance indicators from marketing platforms such as click-through rate or cost per conversion.



Why marketing signals matter?

Getting a complete view of your marketing performance can be slow and time-consuming when your data is scattered across hundreds of different data sources. With Origami Logic, it’s easy to bring all of your marketing data together in one place and see how your efforts are working together and impacting the bottom line.

  • Measure performance across paid, owned, and earned channels
  • Compare results across geos, campaigns, channels, audiences and more
  • Track competitive activity and benchmark results
  • View results for the entire purchase funnel
What is the Periodic Table of Marketing Signals?

The Periodic Table of Marketing Signals provides a visual way to make sense of the complexity of modern marketing. By organizing key signals across all marketing channels that exist today, the framework makes it easy for you to identify what data is key to your campaign success. Selecting signals according to campaign objectives instead of predefined sets of metrics enables you to better align marketing measurement towards goals and generate insights more efficiently. The table organizes signals across marketing channels according to the following dimensions:

  • Channel: The channel where your marketing activity is executed
  • Objective: The business objective of the campaign or activity
  • Signal Type: The approach used to quantify campaign success
Using the Periodic Table, you can easily identify the signals that matter based on the objective for your campaign or marketing activity, the channels you are using for activation, and the approach you want to use to quantify success.



Download Periodic Table of Marketing Signals

Discover how to identify the signals that matter and put them to work using the four steps of Marketing Signal Measurement.

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