Solutions for Agencies

Today’s top agencies foster client collaboration with automated marketing intelligence that progresses marketing strategies and proves ROI.
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Campaign Reporting

Origami Logic puts data at the center of client interactions with automated dashboards that provide reliable unified reporting and contextually relevant insights across every channel, platform and campaign.

Solutions For
Programmatic + Social

Origami Logic ensures your team is primed to optimize media investment, creative and audience targeting with built-in performance monitoring and proactive pacing at your fingertips.

Solutions For
Advanced Analytics

Origami Logic harmonizes and refines cross-channel data into a singular, updated and accurate source to keep your focus on delivering strategic insights to your clients most pressing business challenges.

Recalibrate your resources

As ad-buying shifts toward data-driven automation, why is your team still sweating over spreadsheets? Origami Logic powers automated cross-channel data unification and reporting, freeing resources from manual processes and giving you back more time to focus on strategic campaign insights and optimizations.

Advance beyond campaign reporting

When your clients are leaning in and seeking greater control over spend, post-campaign reporting is no longer sufficient. Origami Logic keeps your team in front of campaign optimization with workflows and notifications designed to identify budget risks and efficiency opportunities while your campaigns are inflight.

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Differentiate with data analytics

Stay ahead of your competition with advanced analytics and consultative solutions that delve deeper into client challenges. Origami Logic underpins marketing attribution and media-mix modeling with reliable, updated and accurate data unification, ensuring your resources remain focused on advancing business insight and delivering value.