Solutions for Brands

Leading brand marketers need global visibility and actionable marketing intelligence to ensure a competitive advantage.
Solutions For
Marketing Leadership

Origami Logic delivers continuous, always-updated access to marketing results expressed the way that business is measured – across channels, brands and regions.

Solutions For
In-House Media

Origami Logic equips in-house programmatic and social media practitioners with a centralized platform that monitors campaign performance and prioritizes optimization decisions.

Solutions For
Marketing Analytics

Origami Logic eliminates the headache of wrangling marketing data, providing automated data unification, harmonization and refinement across ad channels, campaigns and data sources.

Build an insights-driven culture

With data at the center, you can unite your organization around a common set of objectives. Origami Logic delivers visibility across all marketing efforts to standardize measurement and foster accountability across teams.

Empower your media to work harder

Establish an agile in-house media practice and stay focused on efficient execution rather than fumbling through spreadsheets. Origami Logic offers automated workflows and actionable insights to help you determine exactly what, when and where to optimize your media as it runs.

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Enhance insights with streamlined data management

Simplify media analytics and accelerate time to insights with a reliable, accurate and unified data set. Origami Logic harmonizes and refines your marketing data, making it easy to select the metrics and results you want to share for media-mix modeling, financial analysis and corporate planning.