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Measurement Built for the Speed of Marketing

Origami Logic creates a clear picture of marketing performance and shifts your analytic focus from summarizing what happened towards what should happen next.

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Monitor progress from top to bottom

Break down data silos and align your organization with an always-updated marketing view that inspires collaboration and drives actionable intelligence.

Unified Data

Always-Updated Data

Ensure an accurate view of marketing performance across all brands, channels and regions.

Automated Intelligence

Eliminate manual reporting and refocus team on putting insight into action.

Actionable Intelligence

Contextual Relevance

Maintain meaningful creative and channel detail not just a topline history of performance.

Automated Alerts

Track performance against benchmarks and spot inconsistencies before it is too late.

Empowered Teams

Customized Dashboards

Inspire collaboration by sharing actionable insights across internal and agency stakeholders.

Business Impact

Connect marketing KPIs to return on investment to monitor progress at a glance.

See Origami Logic in Action

Our analytics solutions are uniquely designed to meet your needs, allowing you to continuously analyze and optimize the impact of marketing on your business..

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